Our Story

Shio – “salt” (しお) in Japanese. An unassuming ingredient, how crucial the role of salt in baking is often neglected. It wakes up flavours and allows sweetness to come forward, creating a balance. Salt elevates and gives rise to well-rounded flavours, producing pastries with that little edge that leaves one craving for more. 

Sherlynn’s relationship with baking started from an innocent encounter with jelly cheesecakes (“jelly hearts”). With her friends, they merely wanted to make some although the outcome went terribly awry. “It was a disaster,” she recalled, but it was also through this humbling experience did she learn that baking was both a science and an art. It was all about the “right amount” – not a gram more, not a teaspoon less – and Sherlynn felt an urge to wield that perfection in her hands, skillfully. 

Graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences (Psychology) from Nanyang Technological University, Sherlynn only set her mind on baking after a conversation with her now-late father. She had asked of any regrets he had, sharing how while she had a love towards baking, she never really pursued it beyond leisurely. “Why not? Go for it! In life, you must learn to ask more ‘why-nots’ than ‘whys’.” Those words steered Sherlynn to enrol in a local culinary school, setting up the path to where she is today. 

During the course of study, Sherlynn had worked at one-Michelin-star Garibaldi Italian Restaurant & Bar and now three-Michelin-star Odette Restaurant, before moving her way up to Chef-de-Partie at three-Michelin-star Les Amis Restaurant. With a shift in interest, she has now delved into research instead, landing herself in a R&D role in Denzy Gelato, giving birth to its sister company – Shio Patisserie.

Wanting to share quality pastries with the world, Sherlynn has learned the importance of using premium ingredients and ensuring that products are always freshly baked  – two key factors she will not negotiate over with, allowing her to bring out authenticity in every flavour.